First Coagulation Controller installation for Pi in South America

Following on from the success of numerous water treatment plants in the UK and Ireland, Pi is now beginning to offer the CoagSense coagulation controller to other countries in the world in an effort to help water treatment plants become more efficient and effective.

Termozipa Power Station, near Bogota, Colombia, has recently built a new water treatment works to provide clean water to the plant’s cooling towers from the neighboring river water. Coagulation dosing at the water treatment works will be automatically controlled by Pi’s CoagSense coagulation controller to ensure that the water is treated effectively, helping to improve water quality and optimize chemical usage.

Pi’s Julius Guth commissions coagulation controller in Colombia

Salt Cathedral, ColombiaSalt Cathedral, Colombia

Pi’s head office contact for Latin America, Julius Guth, recently traveled to Colombia and Mexico to visit distributors and assist with the commissioning of Pi’s first coagulation controller on the continent.

Designed to assist with the monitoring and control of coagulation dosing, Pi’s CoagSense coagulation controller can take in signals from several sensors and in this instance is using:

The installation of Pi equipment for such applications is made possible by Pi’s sophisticated Remote Access system which enables 2-way communication with onsite analyzers, allowing settings to be adjusted remotely from anywhere in the world.

Julius also spent time with Pi’s distributors in Colombia and Mexico, learning more about their latest projects and visiting water treatment companies. The trip wasn’t all work though! Julius had the opportunity to visit the underground Salt Cathedral in Zipaquirá, known as the ‘First Wonder of Colombia’. This spectacular cathedral is made up of tunnels and expansive caverns carved into the mountainside. Consisting almost entirely of rock salt, the mountain still has an active salt mine alongside the stunning cathedral.

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