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Swimming pools and spas use chlorine as a disinfectant and so use an analyzer to control the amount of chlorine that gets dosed. The AquaSense Swimming Pool Controller and Spa Controller measures the pool chlorine levels and the pH of the pool and then controls the chlorine and pH levels by controlling the chemical dosing. The AquaSense offers bufferless and reagentless operation and is suitable for commercial, municipal and community swimming pools.

Swimming Pool ControllerCRIUS® AquaSense Swimming Pool Controller with Flow Cell

The AquaSense has been designed to three criteria:

  • Improved Safety – better sensors lead to better process control which leads to less variation in chlorine residuals even with highly variable bathing load.
  • Improved Control – better process control leads to reduced chemical usage, lower costs and an improved bathing experience.
  • Reduced Costs – lower chemical costs, less expensive controllers, inverter control leading to hugely reduced electrical usage costs are just a few of the ways that the AquaSense can save you money which can pay for a new controller in just a few months.

Traditionally pool chemistry has been controlled by using ORP (Redox) or residual chlorine sensors. The quality of the sensors has a huge effect on the ability of the controller to maintain a safe and pleasant bathing water. The sensors used in AquaSense controllers are the best available in the world today and are exactly the same sensors that are used to monitor and control drinking water in many municipal drinking water plants worldwide.

Chlorine Sensors

Free Chlorine AnalyserAquaSense Sensor – Free Chlorine

Three sensors are available to measure free chlorine, total chlorine, or chlorine in the presence of cyanuric acid. All of these sensors have a long life (10 years) with reduced maintenance and calibration requirements. They are very high quality and very easy to maintain. Being able to accurately measure the chlorine and respond to varying bathing loads means that pools and spas can operate at lower chlorine levels, reducing the formation of unpleasant combined chlorines and reducing the chemical usage, thereby reducing costs, reducing emissions, all while providing a better bathing experience.

pH and ORP Sensors

pH Sensor
AquaSense Sensor – pH

The pH and ORP sensors are made specifically for the AquaSense controllers and come with either a one or two year warranty. These AquaSense pH and ORP sensors are based on those used in the water industry and are not the low cost, low quality sensors that are often supplied into the pool industry.

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